what is microblading
microblading is a manual form of permeant cosmetics, in which pigment is embedded into the top layer of skin (different from tattooing)
this is a semi permanent procedure because the pigment will slowly fade from the skin
healed results and period between first procedure and touch up is greatly based on proper aftercare,lifestyle, skin type (i.e. oily skin does not hold pigment as well)
individual strokes are done with a manual tool rather than machine this is done to give a natural effect
the manual tool consists of a small blade made up of several tiny needles that are 3x’s smaller than that used with a machine

microblading is less painful than tattooing, and very natural looking
the individual hair strokes are made to mimic the natural growth pattern of your own brows
microblading gives us a range of direction to go with, wether you desire a very natural look (just using hair strokes) or maybe slightly more prominent (strokes w/shading technique)
once healing begins your strokes will appear thicker and darker, and then soften to create your new, natural looking brow

The pigment used to do microblading is thicker than the traditional ink used in tattooing, this will not change drastically in color, instead it will gradually fade from the skin
depending on skin type and aftercare microblading can last from 7-24 months with most people averaging 18 months
clients with oily skin or clients who are very young in age your skin will not retain the pigment as well and will fade faster
some redness after procedure is expected (should not last too long)
wether you are looking to correct over tweezing, asymmetry, or need desire a better shape (everyone can benefit from microblading)


Any pregnant or nursing mothers
insulin dependent diabetics
if you have allergies to nickel (or experience severe allergies, we do a mandated pigment patch test, on a day prior to procedure).
allergies to lidocaine or any numbing creams/gels
if you have any skin disease or know you have general irritation in this area
directly after botox (allowed after 2 months)
if you are using or have used ACUTANE, ISOTRETINOIN, or strong RETINOIDS (allowed after 6 months)
if you have a sunburn, frostbite, or you usually scar in keloid form
if you have extremely sensitive skin, or a low pain tolerance, this procedure is not for you
if you have any raised moles, scars, or birthmarks in that area
exception flat white healed scars



Microblading will only be available to book by email mkwsalon@gmail.com  Attn : Jenna or phone 3154808832

We do offer consultations they are a $25 fee that goes towards your service.

The rest of the info as far as pre treatment and aftercare will be emailed to you as soon as you inquire about microblading.

To book your consultation please Book Jenna