Our Massage services are offered with Melanie

CC6A7481Essential Oil Massage
A feast for the senses. Healing music, warm inviting massage room and Young Living Theraputic essential oils combine to create the perfect atmosphere of peace and calming. Swedish massage paired with hot stones and deluxe lavender scented towel service add to the depth of this experience!

Hot Stone Massage
Heated stones are worked into muscles to release aches and pains then worked warm stones are thoughtful placed under hands, neck and shoulder to melt away stress and tension. Fifty-Four basalt river stones are perfectly smooth, heated to perfection and create exquisite one of a kind experience!

Hydrating Body Wrap with Reflexology
Indulge your skin and senses with a Hydrating Body Wrap. The essences of wheat germ, Shea butter and avocado combine to create a rich warming balm that melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly hydrated. Enjoy the Theraputic benefits of reflexology while enveloped in warmth!

Raindrop Technique
The forty-five minute Raindrop Process is a rejuvenating and deeply relaxing layering of therapeutic essential oils to the feet, back and neck. Raindrop Process combines several holistic modalities to bring balance to the body. It also stimulates all of the body systems on a physical and emotional level.
Massage with Still Point Reiki
Reiki’s healing energy is channeled to you encouraging your own natural healing process. Reiki helps enhances energy and reduce stress, lessen pain, and diminish fatigue. Gentle Swedish massage relaxes the body then Reiki warms, comforts and calms the mind!

Firm thumb pressure is applied to feet/hands to easy reflex points that refer to organs, body systems and specific areas of your body that might need a little extra attention. This session is so relaxing you just might fall fast asleep. A true treat for you feet! Forty-five minute session

Salt Glow
Relax while your body is exfoliated with mineral rich therapeutic salts leaving skin softened and replenished. A rich warmed balm is then applied to provide perfect hydration to restore your skins natural healthily glow. Benefits are said include, increase blood circulation and helps promotes new cell growth.

Sea-Firming Body Wrap
Body is exfoliated with a combination of sea salts and botanical to refine and improve skin texture like never before.Your skin is soothed with a sea-firming French mud then body wrapped in warmth to increase the firming and toning action. While enveloped in total warm, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of foot reflexology. Finish with a super hydrating body bomb that leaves a luminescent sheen to reveal your revitalized skin!

Swedish Massage
is the best-known type of body work performed today, it has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, join stiffness , fatigue, as well as improves circulation. Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deeper pressure then Swedish massage, recommended for areas of chronic muscle tension. Slow focused massage techniques on muscles, fascia and tendons help easy away the aches and pains!YL